Mayfield/Graves School Systems

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Mayfield City Schools  

For more than 100 years, Mayfield Independent Schools has provided exceptional educational and enrichment opportunities to its students. The focus of the Mayfield Independent School District is to take a student from the first day of school and prepare that child, step-by-step, toward graduation in a safe and nurturing environment. Every decision is student centered. Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day. Students of Mayfield Independent experience a relevant and rigorous curriculum that is focused on high achievement, offering high quality and technologically superior programs.

With small class sizes, student leadership opportunities and exceptional extracurricular activities, our students represent the Pride, Tradition, and Excellence of Mayfield Independent Schools.

“I am extremely proud to be the Superintendent of the Mayfield Independent School District. Our school district continues to provide rigorous learning opportunities for our students as we strive to continue our tradition of excellence. We exist to serve the educational needs of the children living within our community and to prepare them to be college and career ready.”

- Joe Henderson, Superintendent

Graves County Schools  

In Graves County Schools, our work is built on the foundation of our five core beliefs:

  • All students can learn and rise to our expectations.
  • Everything we do should be student-centered.
  • Teachers influence learning more than any other factor.
  • Students learn more when authentically engaged.
  • As a team, schools, parents and communities help students reach their highest potential.

These core beliefs keep us focused on teaching to high standards, addressing specific needs of our students, and working to build productive relationships with all stakeholders in our schools. Graves County is a district that has high expectations for all students, and we provide an atmosphere that is safe and supportive of student learning. Graves County Schools has a rich tradition of achievement academically, in the fine arts, athletically, and in other extracurricular activities. Being an Eagle is a point of pride in our schools and community. Graves County is a special place to live and learn, and that’s why we proudly proclaim that it’s a great day to be an Eagle!

"Our primary goal at Graves County Schools is to provide a world-class educational system that will prepare each child to be ready for the transition to college or a career upon graduation. To achieve this goal, our work each day focuses on developing each student to his or her fullest potential both academically and socially."

- Matthew Madding, Superintendent